Visiting Saturn

Five spacecraft have visited the planet Saturn. Here are simulations of their encounters with Saturn.

Cassini went into orbit around Saturn. In the Cassini simulation, the spacecraft does not break into orbit, rather it continues on its hyperbolic trajectory. Later, I'll add an orbit insertion burn when I can find the numbers.

The Huygens simulation includes the probe released by Cassini that landed on the surface of Titan.



Screenshots (visible are Saturn, Janus & Epimetheus at the edge of the ring system, Titan, and in the Cassini simulation, Phoebe):

Pioneer 11 makes a flyby of Saturn

Voyager 1 makes a close pass of Saturn's moon, Titan, before its flyby of Saturn

Voyager 2 gets a gravity boost from Saturn on its way to Uranus

Cassini arrives at Saturn for its multi-year tour

The Huygens probe is released by the Cassini spacecraft on a trajectory for a landing on Titan

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