The Rings of Saturn

Saturn has the most impressive ring system in the solar system. The simulation saturnsrings.gsim recreates the A ring, the B ring and the C ring, creating an image that should be familiar to anyone whose ever looked at Saturn in a telescope.

If you want to try this yourself, perhaps including additional ring detail, here's how each of the three rings were created:
A ring: 50 particles, semi-major axis: 129390 km +/- 5.56%
B ring: 100 particles, semi-major axis: 104790 km +/- 12.2 %
C ring: 100 particles, semi-major axis: 83240 km +/- 10.51 %

The image above was photoshopped from two screenshots, one of the simulation run as-is, and one with Saturn's diameter set to 0. This allowed me to restore the portion of the rings that are in front of Saturn.

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