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Gravity Simulator
08/22/19 at 14:31:21
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Scholz's Star Ref WISE J0720-0846 (Read 1606 times)
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Scholz's Star Ref WISE J0720-0846
04/03/18 at 11:09:50
Please could someone make a simulation of this star relative to our solar system.
I have tried to find it on NASA Horizons system but can't.
More about this star can be found here. https://goo.gl/qSDpuE
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Re: Scholz's Star Ref WISE J0720-0846
Reply #1 - 04/08/18 at 12:42:22
http://orbitsimulator.com/gravitySimulatorCloud/simulations/1523215795749_WISE_J 0720_0846.html
All I could find is its distance and RA & Dec. The uncertainty in the distance is probably high. Without any information on the speed, this is the best I can do. I've set it to have 0 velocity wrt the Sun.
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