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10/22/19 at 03:00:01
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2017 Total Solar Eclipse Simulations by City (Read 1876 times)
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2017 Total Solar Eclipse Simulations by City
05/05/17 at 18:55:00
Here is a simulation I made of the eclipse from different cities.
The lighting conditions are simply my guess from seeing many partial and annular eclipses. I've been to 2 total solar eclipses, and it rained during totality both times, so I've never seen the corona. But I have watched the sky turn dark.
I've also noticed that until the Sun is 90% covered, an unsuspecting person won't notice anything. Beyond that, the sky slowly grows darker (its been darkening the whole time, but your eyes have been compensating), and the planets become visible.
As totality arrives, the remaining light is squelched in just a few seconds, like a person operating a dimmer switch.
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