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Gravity Simulator
09/23/19 at 07:35:23
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Plutinos simulation (Read 1974 times)
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Plutinos simulation
09/08/15 at 12:13:30
Several topics exists here on individual Plutinos which are in 2:3 resonance to Neptune .  
This animation shows 6 of them , Pluto itself included , in a rotating frame to Neptune .  
All Plutinos behave "well" in this animation which covers 27800 years from "now" .  
Pluto in yellow
Orcus in red
Huya in green
Ixion in white
2003AZ84 in blue
2003VS2 in grey
I've selected the simulated plutinos from Wikipedia , but needed to restrict the number to 6 because I only had 6 colours I could represent .
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