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Gravity Simulator
10/16/19 at 18:58:04
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simulation in rotating system (Read 2463 times)

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simulation in rotating system
03/22/12 at 10:46:20
Hi everybody,
I try to simulate the orbits of a ring of particles in the rotating system. I would like to show something like the horsehoe orbit seeing in the simulation above (from gravity simulator simulation page!) BUT with 20 or more particles so i can see the differences between the orbits of the particles.
Could someone help me to find the correct initial condition for the test particles?  cry  cry
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Re: simulation in rotating system
Reply #1 - 03/22/12 at 14:04:02
You need to have one massive particle in the system or the horseshoe will not work.
Try this:
File > New  (this creates a simulation with only the Sun)
Objects > Create Objects
create an object at 1 AU with a mass of 1 Jupiter mass.  Leave all other values at their defaults.
Objects > Create Objects
create 20 objects at 1 AU.  Set their Mean Anomoly to 180 +-100%.  Leave all other values at their defaults.
Set the rotating frame rate to the planet's period using View > Rotating Frame Adjustment and choosing the planet from the dropdown list.
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