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02/19/19 at 14:06:32
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Ride with NEA 2005YU55 (Read 1403 times)
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Ride with NEA 2005YU55
11/13/11 at 06:03:14
Took some time to make this animation (with my own integrator )  
Viewpoint is a virtual camera just 2 km' s behind the asteroid 2005YU55 which made a clos pass to Earth some days ago .  
The asteroid appears centered in the image , and the picture gives the direction of motion of the asteroid through our solar system .  
So if a planet is right behind the asteroid it means the asteroid is just heading into the direction of the planet , ie the planet is in the "cross hair" .  
The camera has an aperture of 160° wide .  
The animation starts about 9 months before close approach .  
One can see Earth-Moon coming into the view  from the left , slowly moving towards the path of the asteroid .  
During the animation also Mercury (grey) and sun (yellow) appear from the left , as well as jupiter (orange) and mars (red ) . At a given time Jupiter and Eart-Moon appear to be iin conjunction as viewed from 2005YU55.  
Towards the end of the animation Earth-Moon are behind the asteroid , then move further to the right , then turn back , while , at closest approach the asteroid flies above the Earth-Moon system .  
Each frame is the animation lasts 1 day .  
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