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09/23/19 at 07:31:10
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Photons may have mass (Read 2064 times)
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Photons may have mass
04/27/10 at 22:30:12
From http://pdg.lbl.gov/2009/tables/rpp2009-sum-gauge-higgs-bosons.pdf @ the Particle Data group
Mass m < 110-18 eV
Charge q < 110-35 e
Mean life τ = Stable
I've been saying that they are not massless and now their is at least an upper bound on the possible mass.
The same has be found to apply to Gluons as well it m <20 MeV
I have a educated wild as guess that should the graviton g and the Higgs Boson H0 be found they to will have a non-zero mass with Higgs having the smallest.
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Re: Photons may have mass
Reply #1 - 05/02/10 at 03:46:51
My best guess is that both photons and gravitons are massless, and that the Higgs Boson does not exist. But that is just a guess, and time will tell.
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