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10/22/19 at 03:01:04
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Orcus = anti Pluto (Read 4814 times)
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Orcus = anti Pluto
03/29/09 at 10:29:33
The biggest known Plutino , Orcus , is said to be the anti Pluto as it resides at the opposite site of Plutos orbit .  
This is generally but partially true . Both objects have different orbital parameters . In general when Pluto is "west" Orcus will be "east" . This can easily be seen in a rotating frame with Neptune .  
Due to the libration of both bodies however the angle Orcus makes from the sun as seen from Pluto can be more than 60 .  
I tested the Orcus orbit in this animation .  
Orcus orbit is plotted as an observer would see it from Pluto keeping a fixed eye on the sun ( in the middle of the screen ) . Animation was run for 21000y .  
The viewangle in this animation is about 136 .  
It seems Orcus may be occulted be the sun itwice in this time period in around 5000 and 11000y from now as its observed orbit sweeps over the sun.  
Edit : I changed the animation to a viewangle of 150 and added Jupiter , Saturn and Uranus
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