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09/23/19 at 11:36:04
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[Tony] calculation errors? (asteroid belts) (Read 13621 times)
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Re: [Tony] calculation errors? (asteroid belts)
Reply #15 - 10/12/08 at 21:52:12
Oh right, I missed that!  embarrassed
Though one thing that bugs me... if it's round-off error then wouldn't the results be rounded somewhat randomly? If that were the case then why does the particle fluctuate so regularly (as shown in the excel graph I posted a few posts previously)?
One thing I noticed from the output data was that the first data entries for eccentricity were never zero - they were usually something of the order of 1e-6. That said, the inclinations were always exactly zero. So it's not like it's thinking that an entry of "zero" is actually 0.00001 or something... the first data entry (at 100 days) was 1e-6, and then the next data entry 100 days later was around 1e-3, and on it went from there. Though as you can see from the excel graph it does return to the 1e-6 value regularly.
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