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09/23/19 at 11:42:01
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Solar system barycentre question (Read 1306 times)
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Solar system barycentre question
08/27/08 at 10:18:38
In the simulations section a simulation is provided which simulates the solar system barycenter ; http://www.orbitsimulator.com/gravity/articles/ssbarycenter.html
Running this simulation with only the four major planets : J,S;U,N and sun and exporting the data every year I get the following graph representing the ratio of periods of Neptune and Saturn to Jupiters .  
One can see the relative periods vary as a function of time . Simulation was run for 179000 years .  
I simulated this system because at this moment a discussion is going in in the Baut forum .  
Now I have the following observation and question :  
The ratio of Saturns to Jupiters period which should be about 2.50...according to  
"Using orbital periods of 11.85920, 29.657296, 164.79 years for Jupiter, Saturn & Neptune respectively"
doesn't seem to match the ratio from the simulation which is lower ( about 2.48 ) .  
Does anybody has any idea why ?
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