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10/21/18 at 15:09:30
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Capella system (Read 7753 times)
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Re: Capella system
Reply #15 - 02/05/08 at 17:11:48
Quote from guyy on 02/05/08 at 16:15:37:

Indeed you do Wink  And you converted it to .gsim so we can see it too.  Your CD-AaAb doesn't seem to have an inclination of 0 though, but that was never a prerequisite.  I imagine the inclination is unknown.  The shape of the orbit is probably also unknown.  Probably the only known thing is that the current seperation is 11000 AU.   The only reason I don't declare myself the winner with my elliptical Cd-AaAb orbit with periastron 11000 AU is because I was going for circular orbits.
Yes, all your orbits: Aa, Ab; C,D; AaAb,CD are circular.  Nice job.  I'm anxious to see your program.
by inclination 0, you were probably referring to its inclination as viewed from Earth, rather than inclination from the ecliptic plane, which is what Gravity Simulator considers to be inclination 0.  Your CD-AaAb orbit does seem to be coplanar to Aa-Ab and C-D.
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Re: Capella system
Reply #16 - 02/06/08 at 22:17:09
Hm...it had an inclination of 0 in my program, but maybe it exported wrong or your program uses a different plane for the ecliptic. Either way, not really a big deal, for this simulation at least.
My orbit program's not really ready for release yet, mostly because it's still packed with bugs (I ran into several major ones just while making this simulation) but also because it's still stuck with a barely decent name and I don't even know what I plan to do with it at this point.
...But, I'll still email you the current version sometime soon, the "excuse" being that I still need your permission for the .gsim import/export options it has. Tongue I just don't want you to send it to anyone else for now.
Even after many optimizations, your program is still faster than mine by an unbelievable factor (which is especially weird since mine uses RK4, but yours I think still uses Euler), so it won't be that useful for actually running simulations. On the other hand, I think you'll find the editor to be a massive improvement for most purposes (anything relatively simple is mostly point-and-click, and the ability to drag-select, edit, copy, and paste large groups of planets is more useful than I can hope to describe), and its "real" 3D graphics make things look a bit better and let you do things like view from a planet's surface.
So, though it may look kinda like Gravity Simulator and does similar things, "Orbit 3D" (my program's temporary name) is only useful for completely different things...and that's why I put in the .gsim import/export tools. Tongue
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