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10/22/18 at 14:54:05
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Transits (Read 1280 times)
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01/27/08 at 12:51:45
Transits are rare phenomena in our solar system .  
The next Venus solartransit over the sun takes place in 2012 , so still a while to go .  
By chanche I got an Earth-Sun transit on the screen , viewed from Jupiter .  
The transit of Earth-Moon over the sun for the Jovians took place early september last year.  
Correction : will take place mid of july this year  undecided  
Heres the picture . Earth moves from left to right .  
The transit itself is not visible while the picture of the sun is refreshed .
Also the close approach to the sun is erased as the picture of the sun is in fact embedded in a black square close to the sun.    
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