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12/15/18 at 16:23:42
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Trojan formation (Read 1092 times)
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Trojan formation
10/10/07 at 14:09:46
The theory quoted in a previous post that Trojan moons may originate from coorbitals makes sense as can be seen in the following sim .  
The sim spans 100 years . Initilally a ring of 360 small bodies were created around our sun at 1AU . Earth orbit was changed to 1AU without eccentricity .  
After already 1 year of simulation Earth creates a gap which widens .  
The bodies migrate quickly towards the stable Lagrange points where they stay for a while ( at the end of the sim they seem to approach Earth again ) .  
Expectation is that also the bodies at the opposite site will migrate inwards .  
Some bodies (about 3%) escape from the ring , maybe due to mutual interaction or due to initial close encounter with Earth.
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