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11/20/18 at 00:48:13
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Moon Orbit (Read 1436 times)
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Moon Orbit
05/05/07 at 04:45:57
Where is our Moon going to ?  
Pictures herunder show the result of a 4 Body simulation (Sun, Earth, Moon , Jupiter ) for about 25000 years . SMA and inclination of the moon are relative to the sun . The SMA seems to vary a lot (pink dots ) but is stable . However the inclination rises with 1 degree in ca. 25000 years and seems to rise further . Whats the reason ?  ( I haven't yet checked if the orbit of the Earth wil change also , but I guess yes )  
The second picture was generated with the same starting conditions , but Jupiter was deleted .  
The inclination is stable now , with no trending . Seems that Jupiters pull causes the trending .
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