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Gravity Simulator
01/19/19 at 11:56:11
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Chaos Theory (Read 2623 times)
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Chaos Theory
02/28/06 at 09:03:14
I really like watching how the objects interact when there orbit is disrupted I have trouble creating my own simulation on the computer i use here at school so I was wondering if anyone could possibly make a simulation using Chaos Theory as well as maybe a few collisions. Thanks
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Re: Chaos Theory
Reply #1 - 03/03/06 at 12:58:19
I just responded to your other post.  You can use the simulation you create there to demonstrate Chaos.
Or try with the simulation for 2004 MN4.  Create a few objects around it before its close pass to Earth in 2029, then follow these objects around the Sun for a few years until they approach Earth again in 2036.  Notice how even an object a few kilometers from 2004MN4 in 2029 can be thousands of kilometers away by 2036.  That's Chaos.  A small change leads to a very large change later.
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