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Message started by EDG on 03/28/15 at 22:43:40

Title: Browser version vs standalone version?
Post by EDG on 03/28/15 at 22:43:40

Has development on the standalone version of Gravsim stopped? Is all new work going into the browser version?

I'd much rather have a standalone version than run it in a browser, I can't imagine you'd be able to do everything in a browser that you can do with the full program (e.g. export data), or as quickly either.

Title: Re: Browser version vs standalone version?
Post by Tony on 03/29/15 at 10:50:18

I typically update Gravity Simulator when there is a feature that I, or one of my users, wish it had.  When I first wrote Gravity Simulator, only a small percentage of people had computers, and 90% of them had Windows.  So it made sense to write for Windows.

Today, almost everybody has a computer, whether it be a desktop, Windows, Mac, a tablet, iPad, Kindle, Surface, smartphones.  Only users of Windows can use the standalone version.  Anybody can use the browser version.

Two years ago I began to work at a school where every student is required to have an iPad, and every classroom equipped with a Mac.  So until I made the browser version, I couldn't show the students any Gravity Simulator demos.  Now I have browser simulations that let them test Kepler's Laws and build their own planetary systems.

For the moment, new effort is going into the browser version because it's better at the features I currently want.  Everybody can use it.  Its better for short demos.  The graphics are better.  

But you're right, its slower, and exporting data is not yet available (although there's no reason I can't make it export data every bit as well as the standalone).  So there's no point in using the browser version to experiment with orbits propagated into the distant future.  The standalone still works fine for that.  But the next time I desire new features that require speed and data, I'll probably update the standalone version.  The standalone version does have one new feature that I haven't yet released:  It can save simulations to be run in the browser version.

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