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Message started by frankuitaalst on 05/10/14 at 02:16:29

Title: Uranian trojan discovered
Post by frankuitaalst on 05/10/14 at 02:16:29

Some time ago it was announced the first Uranian Trojan was discovered , in L4 .
Here's an animation of its motion in rotating frame to Uranus.
The sim covers 6k years .

Title: Re: Uranian trojan discovered
Post by frankuitaalst on 05/30/14 at 02:20:46

An article of 2013 describes the long term evolution of this Trojan .
It seems to be a "temporarely" trojan to Uranus .

I made a long term integration of this object in past and future .
It seems to move from a tadpole orbit to a horseshoe orbit regularly in the future , so it was in the past .
According to my sim it will escape the horseshoe orbit in about 600 kY from now , and never return again in the coming 3 My . Its orbit goes chaotically and will pass Neptunes orbit .
In the past : it seems to have been a trojan for about 1.2 My to Uranus .
Before that it also had a rather chaotic orbit , sometimes crossing Saturns orbit , as well as Neptunes orbit .
My sim suggests that it became a trojan to Uranus due to a close encounter with Uranus at 0.14 AU around 1.3 MY in the past .

Title: Uranian trojan discovered
Post by frankuitaalst on 06/04/14 at 12:44:11

From "above" the trojan does not seem to look as a real  trojan in this animation .  

The sim covers 1 Mio years from now and shows Jupiter , Saturn , Uranus and Neptine , as wel as the trojan (in green) .
Its orbit is well perturbed .
After about 550 ky  the trojan makes some close approaches with Uranus and looses its coorbital orbit from then on .
It will not return as a trojan afterwards , whats more , after an even longer time it will cross Neptunes and also Saturns orbit .

Edit : it's nice to see how Saturns orbit ( yellow)  precesses ...

Title: Uranian trojan discovered (2011 QF99)
Post by frankuitaalst on 08/01/15 at 03:31:23

Here should be a link of the first Uranian Trojan found ; created using the new online tool

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