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Message started by flap on 01/06/14 at 05:27:06

Title: YASS (Yet another silly suggestion)
Post by flap on 01/06/14 at 05:27:06

I just thought of one thing, but I am not sure that is something you'd enjoy doing :
It would be cool if the color of the objects could depend on some data. And maybe if could write the rules in a plugin system. For example :
  • In a collision simulation, the color could give data on the mass of the objects
  • It could give info on the speed of the object
  • Info on the vertical speed (toward the user or not)
  • change color after a specific autopilot command has been sent
  • Match color with object with the stronget influence...

Ah. I know that creating a plugin system would be much work... But I proposed anyway...

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