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Message started by flap on 11/14/13 at 05:07:33

Title: Hotkeys suggestion
Post by flap on 11/14/13 at 05:07:33

Hello again !
Damned, I am so rude : I have hardly arrived, and I am already suggesting things...  :-X

Toying a bit around, I have noticed that there apparently are some undocumented hotkeys. (For example, I have managed to zoom out, but not to zoom in yet.)

I have listed some that I haven't found, but could be useful when simulating a craft (and trying to adjust the trajectory) :
- Time control : moving forward and backward in time
- Quick load : it would reset the simulation at last save point

Also, maybe has it been done already, but it would be cool if we could reload the initial state of a simulation on a keypress ; but keep the autopilot data.

Title: Re: Hotkeys suggestion
Post by Tony on 11/14/13 at 16:45:04

It might not be a hot key, but for a quick load, just hit the file menu, and the last 4 simulations are at the bottom of the dropdown menu so you don't need to navigate to the most recent one.  Its on top.

Title: Re: Hotkeys suggestion
Post by flap on 11/15/13 at 00:43:10

Ah, Ok. That's usefull.
I have also found that it is easy to copy and paste autopilot data from one file to another. I'll see if it allows shotgun approach... (for example testing different thrust parameters with a series of crafts)

But really that forward/backward is so usefull... (Though one limit is that it does not play autopilot actions backward, hence the need to save/load and copy/paste autopilot data. But I might try to create a small app. to automatize that.)

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