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Message started by frankuitaalst on 11/02/09 at 07:57:30

Title: Galileo saw Neptune
Post by frankuitaalst on 11/02/09 at 07:57:30

A wile ago there was a discussion going on on the BAUT forum about the fact Galileo might have seen Neptune while observing the moons of Jupiter between dec 1612 and january 1613 . The discussion is here :
In the  document showing the original drawings of Galileo one can see Galileo saw a "star" which was later identified as being Neptune.
Galileo wasn't aware of his discovery

In an attempt to visualise this unusual coincidence I've ran the solar system simulation backwards till the year 1610.
Picured from above one can see that around this time Neptune was in conjunction with Jupiter not only once , but TWICE .
The conjunctions are marked with the green lines between Earths and Neptunes orbit .
Jupiter is the orange dot .

Title: Galileo saw Neptune
Post by frankuitaalst on 11/02/09 at 08:18:58

Running the above mentionned simulation again , but this time from the viewpoint of Earth looking at Jupiter gives an idea what Galileo might have seen if he had had the occasion to observe on a regular basis .
Each frame in the animation covers about 1 month . Each dot corresponds with 12 hours .
One can see how Galileo was witness of the highly coincidal amazing fact of the apparent retrograde-prograde  motion of Neptune relative to Jupiter .
And even of an occultation of Neptune by Jupiter ( provided the sim is accurate ) .
One can also see Neptune appearing a second time as a series of dots above the planet Jupiter , which is in accordance to the animation above .
The position of Neptune relative to Jupiter seems to match with the observational drawings by Galileo in the manuscript above .    

Title: Galileo saw Neptune - Occultation of Neptune by Ju
Post by frankuitaalst on 11/04/09 at 10:50:26

I was wondering if there was some literature about the above mentioned occulation of Neptune by Jupiter around the year 1613 and found this reference ( wondering if the simulation was accurate ) .
Seems the mentionned occultation is at least confirmed by another simulator .

Title: Galileo saw Neptune - simulation with html
Post by frankuitaalst on 10/15/17 at 11:58:56

Using the new html simulator Tony got this :

Title: Re: Galileo saw Neptune
Post by Tony on 10/15/17 at 15:08:25

Thanks Frank. I forgot we had this thread. I'm glad to see that the two models agree with each other.

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