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Message started by Mal on 10/09/08 at 08:35:56

Title: non-uniform asteroids?
Post by Mal on 10/09/08 at 08:35:56

I'm sure I set the distribution of asteroids to be Uniform, but take a look at this - this is the setup at the start of the sim. You can see a noticeable gap in the belt around 1 AU that doesn't fill up as the sim goes on... is there something funny going on with the distribution function?

Title: Re: non-uniform asteroids?
Post by Tony on 10/09/08 at 16:06:18

That's probably normal, depending on how many asteroids you specify.  It's randomly picking them, rather than creating a continuous distribution, so gaps have a probability of occuring.  If you created fewer asteroids, you'd probably have more gaps.

There's a new distribution function in the beta version that lets you specify a gaussian distribution as well, so the middle should be heavily populated, and gaps appear at the edges.

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