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Message started by Grumpster on 04/27/07 at 18:05:44

Title: Triton
Post by Grumpster on 04/27/07 at 18:05:44

In this orbit sim, would Triton collide or break up with Neptune after so and so many years?

Title: Re: Triton
Post by Tony on 04/27/07 at 19:38:59

In the simulation it won't do either, as the simulator only considers objects as point masses, and does not take tidal buldges into account.

But in real life, Triton should be slowly sprialing inward for the same reason Earth's moon is sprialing outward.  Triton's retrograde orbit causes the inward spiral.

Neptune should develop quite an impressive ring system when Triton crosses its Roche limit.  It may even make Neptune bright enough to be seen with the naked-eye.

I'm not sure when this will happen.  It will probably be millions of years in the future.  Too bad.  That will be fun to watch.

Title: Re: Triton
Post by Grumpster on 04/28/07 at 00:56:17

yeah. why do all the exciting stuff happen in millions of years. :)

thanx tony.

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