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Message started by abyssoft on 08/13/06 at 10:35:23

Title: Security Notices (READ!!!)
Post by abyssoft on 08/13/06 at 10:35:23

An email sent out near the beginning of Aug '06 informed all users that several security measures were being put in place.  The are the unfortunate result of spam bots attempting to flood the board and flood the registration system with fake users for the purpose of massive spam campaigns.  I have been carefully tracking the IPs from where these are coming from.  The allocated blocks of IPs that are associated with these will be blocked in the coming days.  If you find that you can not access the site and you have been able to in the past please send abyssoft[nospamme]@gmail{ismyprovider}.com (remove the obvious) an email notifying me of the problem and your current IP.  I will make every effort to make sure all legitimate registered users have access.  Please note that I will also make every attempt to notify the appropriate ISPs of these spammers.

***Added 2:30 PM 08/13/2006***
Below is a list of Email provider domains, fake and legitimate, that using as you email contact that will result in automatic account deletion:

More will be added as seen fit.  If any of these are you provider please Sign up with hotmail, yahoo, Gmail and use them to provide you email address.  If you can not do this please Site mail me with an explination and I will try to accomodate you.

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