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Message started by Jorge on 05/14/06 at 14:02:40

Title: Feature request
Post by Jorge on 05/14/06 at 14:02:40

Just in case the problem affecting my Gravity Simulator is gone someday, I have a feature request for you: a way to import data directly from Celestia's SSC files. I'm guessing, after looking at the structure of your GSIM files, that if shouldn't be too difficult to implement that, but unfortunately I'm not a programmer.

I guess that a way to export end-of-simulation data to a SSC file would be a bit more complicated, but I'd find that useful too.

Title: Re: Feature request
Post by tomek on 05/18/06 at 23:53:35

another feature request - could it be possible to have an event log file of some sort; for records like "moon slammed into earth at 06:04:31 on 06/09/2501". at this point, if something slammed into another something while you were away, there is no easy way of determining when and where it happened

Title: Re: Feature request
Post by abyssoft on 06/04/06 at 08:05:39

I would love to see this feature as well,  Be nice to be able to look back over a log and see how the system formed

Title: Re: Feature request
Post by Tony on 06/04/06 at 09:37:31

This feature was in the beta version prior to the current release.  I disabled it because there was a bug that I didn't work out.

One sloppy way around this problem is to use the Auto Save feature in the file menu.  This makes the program automatically save a copy of the simulation at a specified interval.  Before using, create a new directory and save your original simulation there.  It just makes things neater.

Then you can open your auto-saved simulations and check if an object exists.  You can zero-in on your collision date this way.

Of course I could always debug the feature and send you a beta copy of the next version.  Send me an e-mail if that interests you.

Title: Re: Feature request
Post by mkruer on 06/18/06 at 12:02:13

Do you expect this feature to make a comeback in the next release? Also do you have a list of improvements so far.


Title: Re: Feature request
Post by mkruer on 08/19/06 at 22:51:56


Any status on improvemnts? Just wondering. -TIA-

Title: Re: Feature request
Post by Rob on 09/02/06 at 13:06:51

A feature I would like to see is a way to automatically place a certain number of objects in the same orbit.  Instead of their possition being determined randomly as it does currently, I would like for a way to either have these objects to spread out.

I would like for this to occurr either evenly in terms of degrees from the previous object or timewise.

Considering four planetoids (p1, p2, p3 and p4) sharing an eliptical orbit with a period of 200 days around a star here is an example of each case.

Evenly by degrees: when P1 is at 0 degrees, p2 is at 90, p3 is at 180, and p4 is at 270.

Evenly timewise: When p1 is at day 0 (200), p2 is at the location p1 would be located at on Day 50, p3 on day 100 and p4 on day 150.


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