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Message started by Speedshark on 07/04/05 at 23:40:50

Title: Error in Cruithne simulation
Post by Speedshark on 07/04/05 at 23:40:50

Hi there.. I found this program by chance yesterday while searching online for a visual representation of Cruithne's orbit around the sun relative to Earth (I was trying to explain it to my girlfriend). I think this program is great and has a lot of uses, however the one simulation I REALLY wanted has a slight problem.. well, a big problem, I guess. The Earth is not revolving around the sun properly.. it looks like it's in some sort of spiral orbit with the Moon, and it's revolving around the sun VERY slowly (like around a hundred years, I think). Since I just got this program, I'm still learning how to use it, so I don't yet understand how to change the settings of the simulations. How can I fix this particular simulation so that Earth is in it's proper orbit?!? Thanks!!

Title: Re: Error in Cruithne simulation
Post by Speedshark on 07/05/05 at 00:17:45

Oops, my mistake. About 10 minutes after I wrote that first post, I read on this site about the rotating frame feature, and have realized my mistake. Sorry about that, and thanks again for making such a great program!


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